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Following its exclusion for much of the Soviet era, ORT returned to Ukraine in 1997. Since then it has made a major impact on the quality of its Jewish schools in the country and, by consequence, on the Jewish communities in which those schools are located, providing Jewish people with excellence in education for all ages from pre-school to the elderly.

ORT in Ukraine supports six schools– one each in Chernivtsi, Dnipro, Odessa and Zaporozhe and two in Kiev. The quality of their general, STEM and Jewish education strengthens students’ employability and their appreciation for their Jewish heritage.  ORT also runs KesherNet centres, predominantly supporting unemployed women into employment, as well as an education centre in Kiev, a technology centre in Dnipro and a career centre in Lviv.






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Watch how, by providing a dual curriculum of STEM and Jewish education, we ensure Jewish continuity in the Former Soviet Union. 

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