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ORT Switzerland is a fundraising organisation, particularly for World ORT programmes in Israel and the Former Soviet Union.

The Anières Institute, which it supported, was a residential college near Geneva at which hundreds of Jews and non-Jews from dozens of countries pursued two- to four-year courses in the decades following World War Two. Its graduates went on to excel in education, industry and in World ORT itself. The Anieres Elite Academy in Israel is named after the Swiss college and was made possible by the financial backing of an original Anieres graduate.

In the post-war years, ORT Switzerland also rehabilitated and trained thousands of Holocaust Survivors to prepare them for new lives abroad.

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The ORT Central Institute was opened in Anieres, near Geneva in Switzerland in 1949. It’s main goal was to train technical teachers and instructors for the World ORT network in order to replenish ORT staff that had been lost during the war years. Over the years, students came from 19 European countries, the USA, Africa and Asia.

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