What do I need to do?

For this project, you have the chance to combine Jewish topics with technology by creating a short animated film using a Jewish theme. You may use Stop-Motion, cel, 3D or other techniques to produce a short animated film. The animation should incorporate Jewish themes by making use of traditional Jewish stories, parables, proverbs or other Jewish/Hebrew texts.You will need to submit your video to a teacher at your school first, who will then check and submit your animation.

What are the prizes?

Nine prizes are awarded in the three categories. There will be a qualified judge in each of the following criteria:

Jewish Content
We are looking for animations that make use of a Jewish story and/or teaching. We would like to see videos that explain their topic well and have a lasting impression for the viewer.
Visual Art
We will be judging the videos according to their visual appeal. We would like to see submissions that are creative, engaging and interesting to watch.
Technical Skill
We are looking for animations that showcase advanced technical skill and attention paid to detail.


If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, please contact


Submissions should be:

An animated film
No longer than five minutes long
Uploaded to YouTube

Based on a Jewish theme
Using traditional Jewish stories, parables, proverbs or other Jewish/ Hebrew texts.
This may be coordinated with teachers of these subjects within schools or with guidance and support from World ORT.

Must be from an individual student or small collaborations of no more than five students (not class projects).

The competition is open to 10 – 15 year olds
Animations may be submitted in any language
Works created earlier, outside of the animations project framework, will not be accepted into the competition

The organising committee determine the procedures of the competition.
The organising committee select and organise an independent judging panel of teachers and specialists.

Stages of the competition
i. Preparation and completion of work by participants
ii. Submission of:

1. The animated film
2. A brief description of the work including; name of creator/s, name of school, name of class
3. Parental consent to use the work on World ORT websites, social media and YouTube channels.

iii. Confirmation of receipt of the work will be sent to the school
iv. Judging period
v. Publication of the results

Awards and prizes will be given to the top students of each category, according to the decision of the judges. The judging panel reserves the right to distribute the prizes as they see fit.

The best works and their creators will be featured on the World ORT website and YouTube pages.
Previous submissions

Cartoon "Sould bird", "Shorashim", St Petersburg, Russia

Cartoon "A small cow", ORT Specialized School #41, Chernivtsi, Ukraine