Meet Irina Lukina, teacher at ORT de Gunzburg School, Russia

Irina Lukina teaches English in ORT de Gunzburg School, in Russia. She was graduated from Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia on Foreign Languages specialty. Irina did a thesis on educational skills development and was awarded this year for being an outstanding teacher.

About Irina: teaching English in Russia

Since 1996, Mrs. Irina Lukina is working in ORT de Gunzburg School as an English teacher. The school nominated her for the 2018 Beatrice Wand Polak Award, because she not only hands down her knowledge to her students, but also, she shares her professional experience with colleagues and actively participates in educational forums and events. When Irina received the award, she didn’t believe it. Then, she wanted to thank her students because ‘teacher’s success is his students’ success as well’. Irina is very proud of the educational establishment she is working for and its highly qualified staff. Moreover, she regularly provides various workshops and seminars for the teachers of St Petersburg.

Mrs. Lukina is highly appreciated by educational authorities for her professional skills and creativity. She works a lot to provide her students the best education and some of them became the winners of All-Russian Olympiads for school students, Brandeis University Scholarship, various city competitions on interpreting and literary translation.

She is also awarded by honor sign of educational workers of Russian Federation and has a title “The best teacher of Russian Federation” being the winner of Priority National Project “Education”.

Despite the awards and recognition, Irina keeps improving her professional level. She defended a thesis on using innovations for students’ educational skills development. Her paper was based on her work at ORT de Gunzburg School and she presented her work at Wingate Seminar on Using Technology for Collaboration in Project-based Learning.

She also spoke out about the distance learning approaches in inclusive education in St Petersburg Legislative Assembly.

Mrs. Lukina successfully cooperates with foreign colleagues within the framework of the agreement on collaboration between the Herzen State Pedagogical University and the University of Eastern Finland, she is the head of the internship of students from China, the United States and Finland.

What does teaching mean to you?

Teaching for me is a friendly communication, beneficial for both students and teachers. It’s a unique possibility of sharing the opinions. I never miss a chance to listen to the opinions of the youngsters. Teaching young people makes me feel younger and more energetic.