Meet Bella Budnitskaya, student of Moscow ORT Technology School, Russia

Bella Budnitskaya, an ORT student passionate about art went to ORT Digital Skills Academy Summer School last year. In 2018 she became Prize-winners at the Moscow City Festival of Children and Youth Video Creation.

About Bella: a passion for art

In July 2017, Bella Budnitskaya, from Moscow ORT Technology School, has been chosen to attend the World ORT Digital Skills Academy. She came to School’s Media Studio head Svetlana Yampolskaya and showed her some of her video works. Svetlana was so impressed by the talented student that she recommended her application.

“She likes working in a group and never argue with co-workers. She is always about to find away and never gets into a fight. For her it’s a great opportunity to learn more, because she really likes studying. And she speaks English fluently. Moreover, Art is very important for her, so she takes lots of photos and spends lots of her time in different galleries. Now she is decorating school stands with her own pictures she takes from school trips and film interviews”, said Svetlana.

About the ORT Digital Skills Academy: film production and new skills

After the summer school in Bulgaria, Bella was pleased, she has been able to learn entertaining things, to meet interesting people and to gain an unforgettable experience.

She had the opportunity to work into the video production group and to learn useful skills and techniques. She also was the operator of 2 short films that you can watch here and here.

“Working in groups undoubtedly develops communication skills, but it also gives an opportunity to make friends with people”, said Bella.

In addition to filming videos, she takes photographs.

“My new friends, cities, emotions and movements came under the lens of my camera. I am certainly happy that I was able to be in this summer program. The knowledge gained in those 2 weeks, I use it daily and will improve it!”, she said.

After the DSA: Bella’s future plans and award winning

In November 2017, Bella together with her school mate Vasilisa Yakubove visited annual master-class for Profsreda (Professional Environment) and prepared the multimedia report for Junior Skills competition. 

In spring 2018 Bella prepared the video for Youth ORT life channelWhat teenagers wear in Moscow”.

In May, 2018, Moscow ORT Technology School Media Studio became Prize-winners at the Moscow City Festival of Children and Youth Video Creation in the nomination ADVERTISEMENT OF THE LITERARY WORKS. Bella was one of the finalist in the age group 14-17 year-old, with her vidoo “Dancing under control”.

Bella, right hand side

Now, she is finishing her 10th grade and next year she will be graduate. She began to think about her future, and whatever profession she will chose, knowledge and skills in the field of video production, good taste and artistic flair are sure to be useful for her. Bella has her channel on YouTube with short videos devoted to various problems actual for youth and teenagers.