Keeping ORT teachers ahead of the game

World ORT provides education in five continents and in each one our priority is to give students the best possible learning experience. We exploit educational innovation to impart practical skills and so enhance employability in a way that responds to market needs.

In preparing young people for the future, educators have a special role, not only to teach but also to inspire a deep appreciation of the value of learning – which is why we invest in educators. Membership of the ORT family means being connected to the latest educational developments and world best practice. We provide our teachers with the most effective tools for their work, opportunities for professional development and the ability to innovate; we provide regional and international recognition for our dedicated professionals and opportunities to showcase their work. Running through this diverse group is a shared passion for World ORT’s mission of ‘Educating for Life’.  

World ORT educator forums

world ort educators forum

Every year 30 senior educators from the World ORT international network gather for a five-day meeting to engage in focused discussions dealing with the common challenges facing our schools and colleges. Our educators welcome this opportunity to learn from each other and to develop collaborative projects, a combined approach to anticipating and overcoming common challenges. Recent themes have ranged from the teaching and assessment of 21st century skills to higher and further Education.

Hatter Technology Forum

hatter technology seminar with ORT in London

This annual seminar focuses on emerging technologies that should be included in our forward-thinking STEM curriculum over the coming years. Each year 20 educators gather in London for five days exploring new ideas and sharing their experiences. Recent themes of the Hatter seminars have included robotics, integrated approaches to STEM education, the STEM curriculum of 2020, and new directions in mathematics education. 

Technology in Jewish Education Seminars

Technology in jewish education seminars

These seminars were organised three times every year in different parts of the world between 2008 and 2015 with the aim of developing the skills of Jewish educators to integrate technology into their practice. Each seminar was designed to meet local needs in local languages and the presenters were drawn from the community of experts from around the world who are leading this exciting transformation in Jewish Education.

Beatrice Wand-Polak Award

Beatrice Wand-Polak award

This award is made annually to educators in the ORT network who have gone above and beyond what they are expected to do and have distinguished themselves in some way. Examples could include working collaboratively across the ORT network, designing and sharing educational materials, creating new technology resources, developing new teaching methods and/or improving the effectiveness of educational technology.

Wingate Program

wingate program

In 2016 we will launch a new program aimed at developing the next generation of educational leaders. This program will combine face-to-face and online training, collaborative projects and written assignments over a period of one year for an outstanding group of 20 professionals that have demonstrated their potential to be ORT’s future educational leaders and senior managers. By developing a cadre of outstanding middle leaders ORT will contribute to strengthening the development of a leadership pipeline of future leaders across the network.