Global aid: Making ORT’s expertise available to all

Tikkun olam – making the world a better place

As a proudly Jewish organisation, World ORT knows that its responsibilities are not limited to the Jewish community. Since 1960, we have helped people throughout the developing world with training, vocational education and a range of other projects designed to empower individuals and communities to improve their social and economic circumstances. The quality of our International Cooperation division has attracted support from major institutions such as the World Bank, European Commission and USAID as well as private companies and foundations.

Effective, practical help

Ebola survivor Gaybo Akoi graduates from ORT’s Liberia training programme.

We design solutions by listening to the people who need us. We don’t impose solutions from afar. Ebola survivor Gayba Akoi is one of them. She was a student until she became ill. Now, unable to afford a return to college, she is looking forward to becoming a businesswoman thanks to training she received through ORT’s Liberia Literacy and Training for Employment Programme.

“When me and my mother were contacted the first time by the ORT team I didn’t want to meet them – they were an NGO and I didn’t trust NGOs. But after the first visit I understood it was good for me. The training and the materials were very good. Now I want to be the first to open a shop of PANKANA oil soap with my friend Pat. I will be an example for the other survivors!”

It’s personal

Being able to help people lift themselves out of poverty is more than satisfying – it’s a dream come true for our highly motivated professional staff. The Director of ORT Global aid’s Washington bureau, Celeste Angus, has wanted to improve people’s lives through education and training programmes ever since she visited Latin America as a high school exchange student. “I found the perfect match through ORT’s global aid programmes, I have been able to fulfil my dream to empower others for almost 30 years in more than 50 countries.”

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