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We know that investing in our students and educators works. Can you help us to do more?

“When we unite, we can share experiences, we can teach each other. World ORT provides that.” Camila Da Silva, ORT Brazil Biotechnology and Science Department Coordinator

Help us maintain schools that are inspiring spaces for students, teachers and educational leaders alike. 

Our dynamic knowledge-sharing network goes beyond borders and cultures allowing ORT students and teachers to connect and learn from one another

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Educators’ programs to train education professionals with the skills they need to succeed. We introduce new ideas and methodologies, creating the environment in which innovation and global collaboration can develop.

Our teachers make learning better, leading and coaching others to make school a more stimulating place for our students. 

Student programs to broaden young people’s horizons. We provide unique opportunities for in-depth study and international networking. Our student initiatives provide skills for a global future. 

ORT students engage with complex topics, becoming contributors to the world around them. 

Networking initiatives to strengthen ties between our schools and communities in five continents. Awards schemes, competitions and in-school educational exchanges for students and educators encourage our institutions’ pursuit of excellence.

ORT schools are exciting and inspiring places to learn, fostering students and educators who are passionate about learning.

A small donation today means more than you think.  

Yes, I want to make the world a better place by guiding young people toward their self-accomplishment. 


We’ve been given the chance of real learning…this training brings people together from around the world, making us feel the same and learn things that you could not learn only in one place. Yakov Hayon, Principal, Kfar Hassidim, Israel
If it wasn’t for World ORT I wouldn’t be going where I am going now. And I am really proud of where I am going now.
Konstantin, Digital Skills Academy student, Bulgaria

Our aim is to give students the best possible preparation for their future.

As we celebrate International ORT Day on April 10th, we are raising funds to strengthen our network.

✔ To connect more students and teachers together through our events, seminars and online projects

 To create more opportunities for our beneficiaries

 To support direct horizontal communication lines between ORT people wherever they are 

Every single student has an inner potential to succeed in life. We develop education programs and learning experiences to help people unlock their potential so they can live the life they aspire to.

Having better educated, connected and fulfilled people will strengthen communities and have a positive impact on the world. Help us do so.