Gina and Joseph Harmatz Award

World ORT Gina and Joseph Harmatz Award For Social Responsibility 2016/17
The World ORT Gina and Joseph Harmatz Award for Social Responsibility is an annual recurring award given to students in the ORT network who have distinguished themselves in their conduct towards their fellow human beings

Those who have demonstrated neighbourly love, who have behaved with dignity and decency – all of which reflect the character of the Harmatz family.

The award will recognize excellence for projects that have made an outstanding contribution to Tikkun Olam – our shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world.

This could be through helping the needy, volunteering, a commitment to fostering the values of compassion and dignity and generally contributing morally to the good of humanity. 

Examples of previous winning projects include:

  • Teaching computer skills to dyslexic children at school – A project to enhance the IT skills of dyslexic schoolchildren; adopting strategies to improve their confidence and concentration in IT lessons.
  • Caring for elderly people in the local community – A project to distribute food to the elderly and spend time with them to alleviate social isolation and make them feel connected.
  • Reducing water waste – A device was built by the students that helps reduce the daily usage of water.
  • Helping those affected by natural disasters – A Jewish community project that gives aid directly to the victims of emergencies in the form of food, blankets, clothes and hygienic items.


To be eligible for an award, all of the following requirements must be satisfied:

  1. A report describing your project (300-500 words, written in English, including 2-3 high quality, jpeg photos) must be included in the application.

    The project can be ongoing or completed.

    Please ensure your report covers the following points:

    • The nature of the project and the problem you were trying to address
    • How you carried out/ are carrying out the project
    • The success and impact of the project
  2. Submission of a 3-5 minute video (in English or with English subtitles if necessary) showing the project in action.

    Please ensure that you obtain the appropriate permission from any people filmed and that you only use public domain music.

    The video should be uploaded to YouTube. The written report and the YouTube link for the video should be sent to Sheryl Gold at

  3. The project must be carried by an individual student or small collaborations of no more than five students (not class projects).

  4. The deadline for final submissions is Friday 17 March 2017


  • World ORT will judge all applications and select winning students or teams based on the quality of the project, the clarity of the reports and the commitment of the individuals or teams to their chosen cause.
  • All project reports and videos may be shared on this website.
  • A maximum of 14 projects will be chosen by World ORT and $300 will be awarded to successful projects. A discretionary prize of $500 may be awarded to projects of outstanding achievement.
  • Awards will be announced via the website and all entrants will be notified by email by mid-April 2017, and certificates and prize money will be presented to successful teams and students shortly after.


If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Sheryl Gold at