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The International Cooperation (IC) department was created within the ORT global network in 1960 to assist transitioning and developing nations, and has implemented more than 350 programs in 100 countries at the request of multilateral donors, international agencies, local communities, host governments, and private enterprises. ORT training programs are designed to meet local needs and are successful in overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers working in close collaboration with local, national and regional partners.
ORT’s basic philosophy of helping others to help themselves is translated into our training objectives, designed to provide individuals with self-reliance through proficiency and income-generating skills.


Our international nonsectarian operations concentrate on sectors where ORT has earned a reputation for excellence: vocational and technical education; workforce development, human resources development; NGO institutional and capacity building; democracy and governance; agriculture; rural and urban development; health care; transportation; and the establishment of training programs for NGOs, government ministries, public utilities, and industrial and commercial enterprises. The ORT mission is to provide for sustainable economic, social, and cultural growth for individuals and organizations.
A key objective of International Cooperation programs is to establish a self-sustaining, locally based training capacity. To achieve this goal, ORT: defines project objectives with local participants and beneficiaries or host governments and other appropriate institutions, e.g., donors; provides a team of specialists who develop, in conjunction with local counterparts, customizes technical assistance and training programs; designs and implements a comprehensive strategy; and provides a rapid mobilization and subsequent work plans with detailed benchmarks, and conducts careful monitoring, measuring and evaluation of program goals and objectives to ensure a high level of performance and proper allocation of project resources.

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