International Webinars

How to organise an international webinar with the ORT Network

To celebrate Shavuot, the anniversary of the giving of the Torah, three of ORT’s schools in Latin America have been studying Jewish texts together. A webinar on June 12th connected the students of ORT Argentina (this year’s hosts) to peers in CIM-ORT in Mexico and Colegio Isaac Rabin in Panama.

Seventh grade students from each country took turns presenting their research on the Book of Ruth (traditionally read on Shavuot) and its themes of kindness, love and social responsibility. The students were assigned specific chapters and episodes in advance and prepared slides summarising the important developments of the characters relationships and events.

They noted that the book opens with personal tragedy amid a humanitarian crisis but becomes more positive as hope appears in the lives of the protagonists Ruth and Naomi. The book closes with the birth of the future king of Israel, David. Students noted that unusually for the times, the heroes of this book are women, while others were impressed by the unconditional love that they showed each other.

Emely from Isaac Rabin School in Panama said:

“It seemed to me a very amusing way to present Megillat Ruth, and I liked meeting students from other countries in the video conference.”

The conference call continued with a quiz and students from each country asked each other questions connected to the Book of Ruth and the festival of Shavuot. Towards the end of the call the schools thanked the organisers, expressed appreciation to the ORT network, and emphasized the message that optimism can emerge even from the hardest situations.

If you would like to arrange an international webinar for students in your school, there are resources and guidance available in the ORT Network to help you – contact us to find out more.