World ORT supporters defy terrorism with tour of Israel

A group of World ORT’s staunchest supporters are refusing to let terrorism stop them from touring the organisation’s programmes in Israel.

Members of the World ORT 1880 Society are seeing for themselves how World ORT Kadima Mada is bringing 135 years’ worth of international expertise in education and vocational training to communities across the country.

They have met with some of World ORT Kadima Mada’s leading partners, including Interior Affairs Minister Silvan Shalom.

“The partnership with World ORT Kadima Mada is a strategic one and I hope to continue promoting projects in collaboration with them in my new position as Minister of Internal Affairs,” said Mr Shalom, who partnered with World ORT when Minister for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee in the previous government.

The current Minister for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee, Aryeh Deri, who is also Minister of the Economy, expressed his appreciation for the group’s visit to Israel at this difficult time.

“Israel’s best answer is to continue to develop and strengthen the communities in need of assistance, especially the Charedi and Bedouin settlements in the Negev,” the Minister said. “I wish to continue and expand our joint projects with World ORT Kadima Mada.”

The mission has taken part in the new term’s opening session at the YOUniversity in Kiryat Gat, one of seven centres offering high quality, low cost after-school enrichment programmes for children in under-resourced communities.

And they have visited the two YOUniversities in Jerusalem, one serving the Arab community and the other serving the Charedi community, hearing from the directors of each one, Dr Tahani Malabi and Rabbi Reuven Meir, of the challenges and achievements in running such educational programmes.

The delegation has also visited the Knesset and received fascinating security briefings in meetings with the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, Tzachi Hanegbi MK, and Brigadier General (Ret.) Amnon Sofrin, a senior official in the intelligence community.

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