Triple-A rating for the ORT family!

The ORT family stretches across five continents but, as the enthusiastic commitment of the Anières Alumni Association (AAA) shows, it also bridges generations.

Teenagers studying at World ORT’s Anières Elite Academy in Israel met graduates of the original Anières Academy at a gala dinner in Switzerland. Although organised to mark the 30th anniversary of the AAA, it also became a celebration of ORT’s relevance in every generation.

“We exchanged many stories and anecdotes with ex-Anières students,” said Mercedes Voscoboinik, a 10th grade student at Anières Elite Academy at Nahalal Youth Village. “We were amazed by the similarities as well as the differences we found between our relative experiences. We shared a lot of beautiful moments and look forward to more such wonderful times together.”

Anières – engineering the future  

Mercedes is one of some 145 Anières students at the Nahalal campus. To qualify for the Anières programme they had to pass a challenging entrance exam set by the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. The $50 million programme will see some 400 high achievers go on to become engineers over 17 years.

The programme is named after the place near Geneva where World ORT set up its Central Training Institute in 1949. The institute educated and trained thousands of competitively selected students from 30 countries; hundreds of graduates went on to become instructors at ORT programmes around the world while others made significant contributions to industry, research and the economic progress of developing countries.

Adding value to education

AAA President Jacques Levy said the revival of the Anières name was a source of joy to the 418 members of his Association.

“We are a living testament to the success of the Institute which is the inspiration for the new programme. And we can see from meeting the students that they are keen to imbibe the universal values which we acquired during the Institute’s half century of operations. We look forward to welcoming them as the new generation of members of our Association,” Mr Levy said.

World ORT Director General and CEO Shmuel Sisso said value had been added to the education of today’s Anières students by the bond they shared with the Institute’s graduates.

“It enables them to see to what extent being part of such a renowned organisation can help them in their studies and later in their professional careers,” Mr Sisso said.

Download the full brochure of the Gala and read testimonies of former students here (french version)

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