Training gas industry technicians in Israel

Investing in local people to meet the needs of local industry 

Israel’s ability to exploit the massive gas fields found off its coast in recent years has been given a boost thanks to a $640,000 investment in World ORT’s project to train people with the skills they need to become technicians and engineers in the gas industry.

The major donation by the Helen Goldyk Estate has enabled World ORT Kadima Mada to complete its renovation of Tel Hai Technology College and Erez College in the Galilee where the training courses are being run.


An investment with social and economic benefits

“Once operational, these gas fields will not only make Israel energy self-sufficient but will also make it a net exporter giving it a major new source of income. Programmes like this will increase employment and so ensure that the benefits are felt by as many people as possible,” said the Goldyk Estate’s representative, Norman Ciment, who discussed the project with World ORT Kadima Mada CEO Avi Ganon during a recent trip to Israel.

Norman and Nir

The injection of funds has enabled Tel Hai College to build and equip new laboratories, develop course content and certify lecturers for the course which will produce Practical Mechanical Engineers majoring in energy systems and specialising in natural gas. And Erez College’s library is being modernised and new advanced courses introduced to meet the region’s industrial needs.

“The Helen Goldyk Estate, through the efforts of Norman Ciment, is also enhancing the colleges’ image so that they are now attracting more quality students to vocational study tracks,” said World ORT Director General and CEO Shmuel Sisso. “This not only fulfils the needs of Israeli industry, it simultaneously provides students with an education for life, increases their employment opportunities and sets them on the road to financial independence.”


World ORT helps new generations acquire skills that will enhance Israeli society

Working in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Education and Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee, World ORT Kadima Mada provides young Israelis living in the under-resourced periphery with access to the kind of educational and training opportunities usually available to their peers in the centre of the country.  

“Norman Ciment is a former mayor of Miami Beach so he knows how important it is to have local people qualified to meet the needs of local industries and services,” said World ORT’s North American Representative, Harry Nadler. “And as a former president of the ORT chapter in South Florida he understands the work that ORT does in helping new generations acquire skills that will enhance Israeli society. He is, therefore, the right man in the right place when it comes to collaborating with World ORT on a project that addresses the challenge of increasing the number of suitably qualified technicians and engineers in Israel.”


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