Success for second chance students in South Africa

More than 90 per cent of students passed maths and science exam

Careers in maths, science, technology and engineering are now open to a group of young people who have undergone a special ORT South Africa course to enable them to re-sit their high school matriculation exams.

More than 90 per cent of the 53 ORT SA Second Chance students passed maths and science – more than double the national pass rate.

“The progress made by them is remarkable,” said ORT SA spokesperson, Marcelle Ravid. “The average mark compared to 2014 increased by 35 per cent in maths and 20 per cent in science. Some students’ results improved by 150 to 190 per cent. For example, the marks of one student, Praiseworth Mchunu, went up from 37 per cent to 62 per cent in maths.”

Among the students who performed particularly well was Joseph Nyembe

“We were lost, with all hope vanished when ORT SA and Bidvest helped us with a second chance at going to university,” he said. “They gave us daily lessons, textbooks, calculators and computer training. We went into the exams and conquered them, now I can conquer anything.”

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