Samara students best at spinning a yarn

Students from ORT Russia win nation-wide art competition.

Anastasia Kochelaevskaya and Yana Novichkova, students at ORT Gesher High School in Samara (Russia), have won a nation-wide art competition, The Miracle of Fairy Tales, with their multimedia rendition of Yiddish writer Ovsey Driz’s story, The Ball of Yarn.

Their work impressed judges for its originality, technique, aesthetic and logic, beating some 800 other entries from across Russia.

See their video

Anastasia Kochelaevskaya and Yana Novichkova’s charming re-telling of Ovsey Driz’s story takes us back into the pre-war world of the shtetl where poverty made life hard for many. But, as Driz warns us, the lust for possessions can be all-consuming… 

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