Emergency appeal: Donate to help Meir Barko replace what he lost in the Israel wildfires

HELP MEIR” – Join us as we help Meir Barko, the janitor at Kfar Silver Youth Village, buy new furniture and clothes for himself and his family.

For 20 years, Meir has been the janitor at Kfar Hasidim Youth Village, which is now part of the World ORT Kadima Mada network. In that time he and his wife, Hannah, have raised three children and become grandparents five times over.

But last month, Meir and Hannah lost their two-storey home in Haifa to the flames which ravaged large parts of Israel. Since then they’ve been moving from hotel room to hotel room waiting, hoping to move into rental accommodation.

“Many of our things were burned and damaged beyond repair,” Meir said. “Among other things, we need furniture like beds, mattresses, wardrobes, and a desk as well as bedding and winter clothing and footwear.”

He, Hannah, and their youngest son, who still lives with them, have not received any financial assistance.

This is an opportunity for the ORT family to rally round one of our own. Let’s not let him down! Please help us to put Meir and Hannah back on their feet by donating to our Help Meir campaign.

Donate online here and write ‘Help Meir’ in the message box.

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