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Here you will find links to several educational resources created by ORT covering topics from ORT in the DP Camps to music and art of the Holocaust.

The World ORT Education Department in London develops a range of online educational resources. For those passionate about history or interested in knowing more about their Jewish roots and identity these websites give a unique perspective. From an online exhibition about ORT in Lithuania to an exploration of music and art of the Holocaust, there is much to explore and to learn from.

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ORT in Lithuania Exhibition

This online exhibition is devoted to ORT Lithuania, the Jewish organisation that was active in Lithuania between the two world wars. The documents and photographs that are published here for the first time show that ORT Lithuania (the Society for Promotion of Skilled Trades and Agricultural Labour among Jews in Lithuania), established in the time of the rule of Tsarist Russia, later continued its activities in independent Lithuania as well as in the southeastern part of Lithuania occupied by Poland. The website illustrates the day-to-day activities of the trades courses and schools set up by ORT all over Lithuania; the vocational schools in Kaunas and Vilnius; the lives of teachers and students; and features reminiscences of fellow students and teachers. The importance of trades in the ghettos during the Holocaust, as well as the activities of World ORT nowadays all over the world and Lithuania, are also highlighted.

Music and the Holocaust

From Hitler’s rise to power in 1933 until the liberation in 1945, music played an integral role in daily life under Nazism. On this website, you can learn about diverse composers and musicians, including those who supported the Nazis and those who became their victims. Visit our music page for a wide range of sound recordings of music and songs, or explore musical life in ghettos and camps across Europe using our interactive map. You can delve more deeply into the subject of music and the Holocaust by exploring via themes. Our resources section provides educational and reference material for further reading and listening.

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ORT in the DP camps

The end of the Second World War presented ORT and other relief organisations with an immense set of challenges. Those few who survived- whether waiting for immigration in the DP camps or returning to the former countries, had to be provided with immediate help. As many as 80,000 Jews passed through ORT training projects immediately after the war- ranging from young Jews who had been deprived of any education during the war and older artisans who needed skills to build their lives in the new countries.

Learn about the Holocaust through art

The works of art in this collection offer a useful resource for Holocaust education, especially when combined with the accompanying biographical and historical material. Because it is art-based, this resource has the potential to be used quite broadly across the curriculum – in Art and Art History, as well as more common subjects such as History, Social Studies, Language Arts or Citizenship. Learning about the Holocaust through Art is not a complete course in itself, but a supplement to other teaching programs.