Health Science and Medical Systems Tracks

How you could be giving students a head start in the Healthcare industry

Yoni Dinar, Rabin High School, World ORT Kadima Mada School Network

The Health Science and Medical Systems track at the Rabin High School, Kiryat Yam in Israel is designed to prepare students for future work in healthcare.

Rabin High School

Through hands-on activities combined with academic study, students aspiring to become doctors, nurses or paramedics gain knowledge and skills that they would otherwise not experience until much later in their careers.  The students are given in-depth exposure to advanced medical topics as well as the chance to work and study in hospitals, with hospital staff and using professional equipment.

The course

The track covers three years (10th-12th grade) of high school and includes:

  • Medical studies, observing experiments and conducting operations on animal organs to deepen practical knowledge.
  • Completion of the Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency services certified training course to become regular MDA ambulance volunteer team members.
  • Tours of hospital facilities to observe advanced practical aspects of the medical world.
  • Guest lectures from leading professionals in the fields of health and medicine covering cardiology, hematology, endocrinology, nephrology, neurology, gynecology and urology.
  • Collaboration with the faculty of Nursing at the University of Haifa to develop a school community awareness initiative regarding nutrition and student mental health.
  • Cooperation with Arab students from Shfaram to learn about and discuss medical issues together.
  • A final project in patient health completed at the hospital or MDA.

Students who complete the Health Science and Medical Systems track are truly ahead of the curve. Not only do they gain applied experience in a range of medical fields, the program provides unique experiences of Jewish and Arab students working together, collaboration with academia and active involvement in their local communities through working with MDA.

The school’s Health and Medicine Department hopes to share this program with other schools throughout Israel and abroad by broadcasting the surgeries that students are performing to other schools.

Additionally, there are hopes to create an exchange program, whereby students from Rabin can work with students in other World ORT schools abroad.

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Rabin High School is part of the World ORT Kadima Mada educational network and serves approximately 1,400 students aged between 12 and 18 years, making it the largest senior high school in Kiryat Yam, a town which has approximately 40,000 residents.