ORT Next Generation

Young and fun professionals, transforming worldwide education.

ORT America Next Generation is a national network of young professionals dedicated to improving local communities, through the support of education.

Located in seven major metro areas around the United States (Atlanta, Ohio, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicaco and New York), ORT America Next Generation offer social programming and volunteer opportunities empowering our generation to better the world through education.

Volunteer, have fun and raise awareness

Every year, ORT America Next Gen raises funds to support ORT’s work around the world. From Cuba to Israel, from Brazil to Bulgaria, get involved and raise awareness to the causes that touches you.

ORT America Next Gen, a national network with a worldwide educational impact.

Do you have a passion for volunteering? Do you love planning parties and networking on a social level? Do you think that raising awareness about an amazing cause sounds like a good way to spend a bit of free time? If so, don’t waste more time and get in touch.

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