World ORT General Assembly 2016

World ORT invites you to attend its General Assembly
taking place in Jerusalem from May 22-24 2016.

The event will give you the opportunity to be part of the decisions which will determine the direction in which World ORT will go in the next four years, as well as to see first-hand many of our wonderful programs which are helping to transform the lives of young people in Israel.

  • The General Assembly will take place from Sunday May 22nd to Tuesday May 24th at the beautiful David Citadel Hotel.
  • There will also be an option to attend a pre-GA mission, which will take place on May 19th.

The General Assembly meetings are open to all GA delegates, members of the Board of Representatives and members of the Board of Trustees. Delegates’ guests and spouses are also invited to attend the site visits and the gala dinner.

The GA program will comprise:

Main Program – May 22nd to 24th (Subject to change)

Sunday May 22

  • Board of Trustees meeting (members only) and opening of the General Assembly.
  • Gala Dinner event, an opportunity to enjoy good food and good company.

Monday May 23

Site visits to World ORT-Kadima Mada programs across Israel (see details below).

Tuesday May 24

  • Continuation of General Assembly.
  • Meetings of the newly-elected Board of Representatives and Board of Trustees (members only).

Pre-GA Mission – May 19

An optional pre-GA Mission is planned to take place on Thursday 19th May. The mission to selected World ORT-Kadima Mada programs will enable participants to grasp a greater understanding of the essential work being carried out in order to transform lives and communities in both the north and the south of the country.

Proposed Site Visits – May 23

On Monday May 23rd, delegates and their guests/spouses will have the opportunity to visit a selection of the projects that are being successfully implemented throughout Israel which are helping young people to achieve their full potential, whatever their background. The visits will be selected from the following list of programs:

Hodayot and Kfar Hassidim Youth Villages

Two of the three Youth Villages that have recently become part of the school management network, Hodayot and Kfar Hassidim are helping to turn around the lives of young people, many of whom come from immigrant families suffering from poverty. Each provides residential schooling for 250-300 students at risk.

YOUniversity Centers of Excellence

Successfully encouraging high school students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related subjects through after-school courses in applied subjects ranging from 3D printing to fashion, architecture to young doctors. Located in seven venues throughout Israel, the Centers cater to mainstream Jewish, Haredi and Arab communities.



Beersheva College of Technology

Israel’s largest technical college for practical engineers and our newest partner in this strategically important city, the College provides training for 2,000 students, creating a skilled workforce for Israel’s defense, science and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industries.



SASA Setton Kav Or Initiative

This program provides children who are too ill to attend school with the support they need to maintain their studies, enjoy recreational activities and stay in contact with friends and family. Tens of thousands of children annually benefit from this program which is conducted in all of Israel’s hospitals.


The Alex and Betty Schoenbaum Science, Educational, Cultural and Sports Campus, Kiryat Yam

See first-hand how the Campus, comprising an open-air Science Park with a Planetarium, an Oceanarium and interactive exhibits, as well as a Science Center, a Marine Sports Center and an Ethiopian Heritage Center, has transformed in the city of Kiryat Yam.


Anières Elite Academy

Home to some of our most gifted high school students from around the world, the Academy implements a program that will see its graduates continue to the Technion Israel Institute of Technology for a university degree in engineering.



Kadoorie High School and Youth Village

The school, with a specialized agricultural track, serves around 1,600 students including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, Bedouin, Circassians and refugees from African countries, many of whom come from extremely impoverished backgrounds.


Shaar HaNegev High School

Located close to the Gaza border, the entire school campus was recently refurbished with reinforced materials to help its 1,200 students study without the fear and disruption caused by rocket and mortar attacks. The school’s state-of-the-art Science and Technology Center was provided by World ORT.


Should you have any questions or require any other assistance, please email Rachel Gentely at or call: +44 (0) 20 7446 8662