ORT Alumni Network

Key things to know

ORT Alumni Network is an international community of ORT graduates from around the world. Our aim is to help you stay connected to ORT, and to each other, wherever you might be in the world. With networking events, webinars, online resources on job lead and personal development, we hope to cover for the needs of the international community of ORT. 

Why join?

Travelling on business and looking for local restaurants recommendations? Or maybe you are eager to receive a valuable advice on marketing when starting a new initiative? ORT Alumni Network with its thousands of international alumni all the way from Russia to Argentina, is the place to find answers to your questions. 

Our Mission

Our aim is for members of the Network to discover new opportunities, share knowledge, find meaningful partnerships and further their professional and personal growth. We hope that as the Alumni community grows, the number of connections and networking opportunities available to members will continue to increase, benefitting the larger number of ORT alumni.

Alumni Committee

Alumni committee is formed of former ORT students, who are volunteering their time to building the community. Committee members take an active role in managing the network, as well as planning upcoming publications, events, their responsibilities also involve volunteering as mentors or providing support to the new members of the network. If you are interested to join the committee and you think you could input valuable ideas in the development of the ORT Alumni Network, please contact Shoshana Kandel. 

What to expect?

  • Networking opportunities
    • We will organise a series of networking events, after work drinks and meet-ups in various locations. These face-to-face meetings would enable people like you to connect, share knowledge and simply have a great time.
  • Events and webinars
    • ORT Alumni Network is a platform for the exchange of new ideas. We will try to cater for everybody’s interests and organise events and seminars on topics of interest to you. 
  • Re-establishing lost connections and creating new ones
    • The online portal is a great place to reconnect with your classmates or people who you went to school with. But not only that, you can also find mentoring opportunities from fellow ORT alumni around the world, and seek recommendations and advice. For example, if you are traveling for leisure or for work – ortalumni.org is the place to go to for a coffee meetup or a recommendation of a good place to visit. 
  • New opportunities and volunteering experiences
    • For those of you looking to expand your CV through new experiences, we will try our best to provide work and volunteering opportunities within the network.