Wednesday 13. August 2014

Building the future for Jews in Kishinev

The Jewish community of Kishinev, Moldova, is looking forward to a brand new ORT school, one which will be able to accommodate hundreds more children than before.[more]

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Friday 01. August 2014

ORT responds to the needs of families in southern Israel

As efforts continue to protect its citizens from rocket fire and infiltration through tunnels from Gaza, virtually everyone in Israel is affected in some way or another. With some 86,000 reservists called up, most families will...[more]

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Friday 18. July 2014

Show Your Love for Israel!

Help provide respite and fun activities for people in the south.[more]

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Thursday 10. July 2014

Awards for ORT's top professionals

Educators in Argentina and France have become the first recipients of the Robert Singer Award for Outstanding Senior ORT Professionals.  The recognition of the extraordinary contributions made by ORT Strasbourg Director...[more]

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Thursday 01. May 2014

Getting to the art of the Holocaust

There were tears at United Nations Headquarters in New York on Yom HaShoah when songs from World ORT’s Music and the Holocaust website were played.[more]

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World ORT: In the news

Friday 06. December 2013

ORT South Africa mourns Nelson Mandela

Staff at ORT South Africa lit candles and shared their feelings in a moment of mutual support, a microcosm of the mourning and shock that has swept the country on the news of Nelson Mandela’s death.[more]

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Monday 16. April 2012

The last Jewish school in Berlin

ORT Berlin students and their teacher. In December 1939, the school in effect 'reopened' in Leeds.

Just before World War II broke out, half the students and teachers of the ORT Berlin school made it to Britain, where they found refuge. The other half remained behind, hanging on for another few years.[more]

Category: Other news source

Tuesday 06. March 2012

A man in a million

Robert Singer says it best: "You can only be successful if you do what you want to do, not what you have to do..." by Shira Druion. Article from Jewish Life magazine, issue 48.[more]

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