Thursday 13. March 2014

New opportunities for Jerusalem’s Arab community

The hundreds of Arab girls enrolled on extra-curricular courses at World ORT’s new YOU-niversity in Jerusalem are looking forward to gaining the skills and knowledge they need to carry them forward to university.[more]

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Monday 24. February 2014

Security increased at ORT schools in Ukraine

KIEV, February 24 - As the Ukraine capital returns to relative calm after last week’s clashes, tension in the country’s south and east is increasing. David Benish, Head of the World ORT Representative Office for CIS, Central...[more]

Category: Special Update, FSU

Monday 24. February 2014

ORT Student's father killed in Ukraine unrest

The father of a student at the ORT school in Chernovtsy has been confirmed among those killed yesterday during violent clashes in Kiev. Alexander Scherbatyuk, 46, had three children, one of whom, Dan, is a student at our school....[more]

Category: Special Update, FSU

Monday 13. January 2014

Social Degrees in Mexico

ORT Mexico is looking forward to an exciting year with the imminent launch of its University for Social Entrepreneurship and Responsibility – believed to be the first institution of its kind in Latin America. Due to start in the...[more]

Category: News Update, Latin America

Thursday 02. January 2014

New forum connects ORT teachers to best practice

A new programme to help ORT educators exploit the opportunities afforded by World ORT’s global presence is due to be launched in this month.[more]

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World ORT: In the news

Friday 06. December 2013

ORT South Africa mourns Nelson Mandela

Staff at ORT South Africa lit candles and shared their feelings in a moment of mutual support, a microcosm of the mourning and shock that has swept the country on the news of Nelson Mandela’s death.[more]

Category: News Update, Other news source

Monday 16. April 2012

The last Jewish school in Berlin

ORT Berlin students and their teacher. In December 1939, the school in effect 'reopened' in Leeds.

Just before World War II broke out, half the students and teachers of the ORT Berlin school made it to Britain, where they found refuge. The other half remained behind, hanging on for another few years.[more]

Category: Other news source

Tuesday 06. March 2012

A man in a million

Robert Singer says it best: "You can only be successful if you do what you want to do, not what you have to do..." by Shira Druion. Article from Jewish Life magazine, issue 48.[more]

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